About Us

My name is Linda Belgiere. I am a mom of two little girls, Stella Loren (3 years old) and Viviana Marie (2 years old). The moment they were born, they became my entire world. My life changed in an instant in the most incredible way. With the love for fashion and my love for my girls I felt inspired to start a children's boutique. I was also dealing with postpartum confidence struggles, but whenever I wore an outfit I liked it gave me the confidence boost I needed. That is when I decided to make a shift to women's clothing. I wanted all women to experience confidence from wearing the same clothes I felt confident in! Everyone deserves to love themselves just as they are. Therefore, I combined my passion for fashion and my goal of empowering women and created what SV Boutique is today.
SV Boutique is a reflection of creativity, love and the positive impact I strive to make in people's lives. Along with setting a good example for my girls.
XO Linda